Biotrail to nature education

A nature teacher from Finnish Association of Nature Conservation Laura Blomqvist brings Biotrail to her educational program. On Tuesday 6th of November she and her colleague Jenni Silvennoinen arranged a biotrail workshop for 8th class pupils of Lauritsala school, Lappeenranta. Laura shares the feedback: 

The biotrail is awesome and very interesting! I am happy, that Kati told me about that [Kati Koikkalainen is a coordinator of LUT Junior University and one of the Biotrail contributors]. We used it yesterday indoors, because pupils had already done some tasks outdoors. The biotrail boards were placed all over the school building and then pupils searched them and watched the videos. They told me, that videos were interesting and things were explained very understandably. They told also, that the duration of the videos was perfect [tributes to Iuliia Shnai, digital learning designer and researcher]. I think it´s very good feedback from teenagers who were staying at school after normal school day. Our workshop was arranged from 14.00 to 17.00

Almost every day I visit different schools in South Karelia and give outdoor lessons. Our main aim is to increase children´s love, respect and positive attitude towards nature. I think it´s crucial if we want them to understand the importance of the nature conservation or some other themes such as climate change. During outdoor lessons we play games, explore the nature and research the nature (bugs, mushrooms, plants, colors, etc.) with hands-on experience. We also offer to teachers some tips how to carry out outdoor teaching, because outdoor teaching is also an aim of school curriculum.

I will spread the information about the biotrail. I meet several teachers every week and I always try to give them tips how to teach outdoors. Usually when I´m teaching outdoors, we don´t use any digital equipment, because young children spend lots of time playing digital games anyway but I assume the teachers will gladly use the biotrail.