Build your own BIOTRAIL

You are welcome to use this material for building your own BIOTRAIL. You are free to change, edit, and expand it. Please, though, leave the labels of all contributors and the reference to this website.

You can choose how much to pay for downloading the material. You are free to first try the material and pay afterwards. All the funds received will be used for project maintenance and development. For the €200 payment we will display the logo of your organization on the BIOTRAIL website.

Payments are accepted only via PayPal. Or you can contact us and we will send you an invoice.

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The original BIOTRAIL boards. Text on each board (in both English and Finnish languages) introduces a natural phenomena while the videos (in English) via QR-codes present its applications in industry and science.

Ten boards, power point (.pptx) format, A2 size.


Mini-boards for children

Each BIOTRAIL-for-children mini-board contains a title in Finnish, a drawing made by a school teacher and a QR-code linked to a video where 4th grade pupils explain natural phenomena and its applications in Finnish.

Nine boards, power point (.pptx) format, A4 size.


For a one-time or temporary tour, you might want to use only QR codes. So here they are.


QR codes

The collection of the QR codes from original BIOTRAIL boards.

Ten files in png. format archived in .zip.


QR codes for children

The collection of the QR codes linked to pupils’ videos.

Nine files in png. format archived in .zip.



A copybook with questions in Finnish to accompany the QR codes.

A pdf file, 8 pages.