biotrail is...

About the biotrail (Ilkka Räsänen interviews Mariia Kozlova in September 2017)

A forest trail, where you can learn how nature has been inspiring innovations. Infoboards describe various natural phenomena. The story of each board continues with a video presenting applications of these ideas into technology or science.

The trail passes along Saimaa lake shore next to Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland - an environment where technology meets nature. Follow Skinnarilankatu to the North and soon you will see the introduction board on your right. Or you can walk the trail online on this website. 


The biotrail was born within the walls of Lappeenranta University of Technology from an idea of a systematic creativity Professor and inspiration of students. But its implementation owes to Environmental Bureau of Lappeenranta city, who supported the project, provided funding and helped with administrative issues. 


The biotrail contributors are...


Author of the idea


Project manager and principal contributor

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Design and support


Ilkka Räsänen

Funding, support and technical implementation


Jarmo Karhula

Funding, support and technical implementation


Gera Minkin



Kati Koikkalainen

LUT Junior University, ‘BIOTRAIL to children’ developer


Kaisa Tanhola

Sammonlahti school teacher, ‘BIOTRAIL to children’ developer